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Universal Power Bank mit integriertem Adapter!

30. August 2014 um 0:12 Uhr von Roger DiStefano

Power Bank universal mit integriertem Kabel und Adapter

handlich und praktischer universal Powerbank – das Notfall Ladegerät für unterwegs. Das besondere: kein mitschleppen von verschiedenen Adaptern – bei dieser externen Batterie ist alles schön auf der Rückseite abgedeckt und aufgeräumt und trotzdem universal: da der Adpater für iPhone, Samsung sowie micro und normal USB im Lieferumfang enthalten ist. Wir können diesen 5000mA starken Powerbank Adapter in den Standart Farben Grün, Blau und Orange liefern. Die weiteren technischen Daten finden Sie weiter unten.

Das besondere Werbegeschenk für besondere Kunden.

Ab 100 Stück ist dieser Artikel mit Logo bei uns bestellbar zu je 10,99€ – ab 500 Stück bezahlen Sie nur je 9,99€ – Lieferzeiten ca. 3-4 Wochen.

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This Universal Power Bank has every cable you need built in!

The New Universal Power Bank we’re offering has been designed to eliminate your power cable woes!  No more searching for the right cable for your friends. No more trying to remember to bring along your power cable from home.  Its all built inside!  Have a look at the pictures to get the best idea, but basically it can neatly store 4 cable types out of sight and still be pocket-sized!  The usefulness is easy to see.  The battery is charged from the USB chord either by a computer or by a power transformer that plugs into a wall.   And this part is really great – the battery capacity is 5000mAh!     The Power Bank takes just over three hours to fully charge with an output of 1000mA!

Print your logo on the Universal Power Bank and use it to promote your business!  This Power Bank makes a great choice because it will appeal to every kind of smartphone owner!  Android, Apple or Windows Phone users will all be able to use it!  Do you own a smartphone repair business?  Why not put this Universal Power Bank to use?  Offer it to your customers with a new purchase or a repair for the next month?  With a low minimum order of only 100 pieces its an inexpensive way to advertise!  Do you have a less tech inclined business?  No problem!  An item like the Universal Power Bank appeals to everybody – and the best part is that everybody can use it!  Get the new Universal Power Bank today!Power bank1

Technical Details:

– Capacity: 5000 mAh

– Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery

– Input Voltage:DC-5V

– Input Current: 1000mA

– Output Voltage :DC-5V

– Output Current : 1000mA

– Demision : 102*66*27MM

– Weight : 156g

– Material: ABS Plastic

– Color: Green, Blue, Orange

To Order:

The minimum order quantity starts at 100 pieces at 10.99€ per piece (logo print is included in price).

With an order of 500 pieces the price drops to 9.99€ per piece (logo print is included in price).

Please inquire about gift boxes!

For further information, or to order please e-mail r.distefano@edv-werbeartikel.de or call our friendly sales team on +49 (0) 70 82 – 41 41 41.